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The game

   Iliad is a game based on combats between Greek and Trojan heroes. It's not exactly a wargame because there is no army movement. Each counter represents one man and is named using the most famous heroes of the Iliad book.

The game is a series of duels during 4 days made of 10 hours. At some time, the gods' influence support one or the other player.

The illustration

The illustration is superb. it is signed (in the blue cape to the right). It's not easy to read - Enea78. This is the signature of Enea Riboldi.

Opening of the box

   The box contains: 2 calendars, the rules, the map, 28 Greek counters and 23 Trojan counters, a die. The box I have do not includes a tray for the counters.

There is an older release of this game, with the map also cut into 5 puzzle parts, but following the squares. This game includes a tray.

This early release is also visible on boardgamegeek: The map  et The page

The map

The map represents The plain of Troy. The Greek camp lies on a beach and is fortified by a wall.

The counters

   The game includes 28 Greek counters in blue and 23 Trojan counters in orange. On each counter is indicated the name of the personage, his city and a numerical value between 1 and 9 (or A for the archers).
   Thanks to Benoit :-), here you have a copy to help you to rebuild missing counters.

The rules

   The rulebook is made of 10 pages in 4 languages (Italian, English, German, French).

   The object of the game is
      - for the Greeks to occupy Troy with 5 heroes,
      - for the Trojans to occupy the Greek camp with 5 heroes.

   The calendar includes several events: duels, some hours with a Greek or Trojan advantage. The greek fortification wall is build the 3rd hour of the 2nd day. After the 2nd night, the Thracian units are eliminated. Achille started only after the 4th day. In the end of each day, every counters comes back to its camp.
   In the plain, each counter can move along 10 squares, except counters with a value of 1, who can move only 6 squares. The rivers and walls force the counter to stop.
   The heroes with a value upper to 1 are fighting using the duel rule, throwing one after the other 3 time the die each. The result is given by the die difference + the counter value difference.

   A wounded hero continue with a die divided by 2.
   Between counters with a 1 value, the result is achieved after the first dice duel. The loser is eliminated. The archers are attacking at a distance of 3 square maximum. They kill on a 6 and wound on 5. The archer attacks are made before the other combats.
   Several counters can be grouped for a combat. They add their individual value.

Some price (2004-2006):

N░ EBAY Price EBAY Country Date Remarks
5903898978 EUR 86 France 22 Jun 2004  
5923398681 US$ 56 USA 02 oct 2004 NEW
5936823090 EUR 51 France 28 Nov 2004  
5939097117 EUR 58 France 04 Dec 2004  
5951491136 EUR 54,50 Germany 30 Jan 2005  
5954549676 EUR 41,50 France 10 Feb 2005  
5170464604 EUR 40,50 France 6 Mar 2005  
5195092142 EUR 41,50 France 18 Mai 2005  
5208753999 EUR 35,50 Germany 21 June 2005  
5224384519 EUR 60 France 7 August 2005 not sold
5233784528 $ 72 Italy 2 sept 2005  
5236452574 EUR 50 France 8 sept 2005  
5236452574 $ 51 USA 16 sept 2005  
52918034404 $ 92 USA 2 oct 2005 unpunched
5291864501 $ 75 USA 2 oct 2005 unpunched
8702885860 EUR 9 Italy 14 oct 2005 not sold
8706572302 $ 49 USA 15 oct 2005  
8721743118 $ 37 USA 15 nov 2005 unpunched
6012439142 EUR 71 France 165 nov 2005 unpunched
8724124257 $ 56 USA 22 nov 2005  
6015728593 EUR 26,50 France 2 dec 2005  
8735391239 EUR 50,49 Italy 15 dec 2005  
8749260614 EUR 36,50 France 19 Jan 2006  
8761116575 EUR 32 France 10 feb 2006  
8756047510 AU $ 25 Australia 31 jan 2006  
6040845128 EUR 35 Spain 10 mar 2006  
6044541361 EUR 41,50 France 26 mar 2006 unpunched
8782560134 $ 53 USA 26 mar 2006  
8803404079 EUR 26,49 Italy 5 may 2006  

The ILIAD overview

reference: W104
A game for 2 players from 13 years on.
Time of game: from 2 to 3 hours
Level of difficulty: 1 (very easy)
Date: 1979
Authors: International Team


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Iliad in "la Tana dei Goblin (italien)". The game has simple rules. the heroes are equilibrated. Playing mythic Greek heroes is pleasant. But a good strategy do not always means a victory. This is not a realistic simulation of antic combats. The game is more like a chess game, with more parts and less strategy.

   The game "ILIAD - The siege of Troy"was published in 1978 by GDW (Game Designer Workshop). This game looks very similar to the International team one.
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   The game review on boardgamegeek .You allmost could use this game review for the International Team game.

Iliad and Odyssey in French/English with several beautiful images

A book ?

Go to your favourite bookstore and buy two 3000 years old books: Iliad and Odyssey, written by Homere 9 century before Christ.

I am looking for

- a scan of the unpunched counters
- a copy of the article on Iliad from the magazine simulacrum 13 and Fire & Movement No.22 (Ancients anthology of games)

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