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   Remark: There is nothing to sell on this site. As the "International Team" company disappeared in the late 80's, the games and puzzles are not available anymore in stores. This catalogue is only a reference for fans.

A catalogue from 1983:

This catalogue from 1983 is a big pdf file - 26 Mb. Thank you Francesco :-)

The wargames:

As you can see in this Catalogue from 1984, Idro and Wohrom were not distributed anymore.

Ref. Game Year Lang. Illustrator Description
W101 Kroll & Prumni 1979 IEFG ? Tactical Science fiction wargame
W102 Yorktown 1979 IEFG Enea Riboldi Battle of the American Revolution (1781)
W103 Zargo's Lords 1979 IEFG Enea Riboldi Fantasy wargame between 4 different races with magic power
W104 Iliad 1979 IEFG Enea Riboldi Combats between heroes of the Trojan War
W105 Okinawa 1979 IEFG Enea Riboldi World War 2 - Pacific Island
W106 Odyssey 1979 IEFG Enea Riboldi Boardgame: Ulysse tries to return to Ithaca
W107 Jena 1980 IEFG Enea Riboldi Battle between Napoleon and the Prussian Army (1806)
W108 Waterloo 1980 IEFG Enea Riboldi Battle between Napoleon and the English/Prussian Armies
W109 Sicily '43 1981 IEFG Enea Riboldi Allied invasion of Sicily, 1943
W110 Idro 1981 IEFG Enea Riboldi Fantasy wargame betwwen underwater races
W111 East and West 1981 IEFG Enea Riboldi World war 3
W112 Wohrom 1981 IEFG ? Quest in a medieval fantasy world
W113 Rommel 1981 IEFG Enea Riboldi Battle for Kasserine, North Africa, 1943
W114 Attila 1981 IEFG ? Strategic wargame of Attila's invasion around 450
W115 Little Big Horn 1981 IEFG Enea Riboldi Indian victory against the 7th of Cavalry (1876)
W116 Austerlitz 1981 IEFG Ermes Miceli Battle between Napoleon and the Russian/Austria Armies
W117 Millennium 1981 IEFG Enea Riboldi strategic Science fiction wargame in space
W118 Norge 1981 IEFG Giampiero Casertano Norway campaign (1940)
31 Free Game 1982 IEFG ? white maps and counters to create his own game
W119 Bonaparte 1982 IEFG Giampiero Casertano Strategic wargame on the Napoleonic campaigns after 1806
non Zargo's Lords 2 1983 IEFG Enea Riboldi Zargo's Lords gamette (without serial number)
W120 Yom Kippur 1984 IF Enea Riboldi 4th Israelo-Arab conflict (1973)
W121 Supermarina 1984 IF Enea Riboldi Naval war between England and Italy, Mediterranean Sea, June-oct 1940
W122 Mockba 1984 IF Enea Riboldi Battle for Moscow, 1941
W123 Blue Stones 1987 IFG J Costa Fantasy wargame in the world of Zargo
W124 Landsknecht 1987 IFG MDC Tactical wargame during the 16th Century

   The following game was published by Jeux Descartes in partnership with International Team. There is no reference to International Team in the box.

Ref. Game Year Lang. Illustrator Editor Description
  Alesia 1985 F Mauro Moretti Jeux Descartes Battle between Vercingetorix and Jules Cesar

The role playing games:

Ref. Game Year Lang. Illustrator Description
R307 VII Legio 1982 IEFG Silvio Cadelo Space exploration
R308 Tablin 1983 IEFG Silvio Cadelo Extension for Legio VII
R351 Magikon 1983 FI Mauro Moretti Medieval-Fantasy

The boardgames:

Ref. Game Year Lang. link Description
G201 Gipso 1979 IEFG boardgamegeek to build a puzzle
G202 Medici 1979 IEFG boardgamegeek Diplomacy around the Medici Family in the 15th century
G203 Tabu 1979 IEFG boardgamegeek Virgin sacrifice on an Aztec pyramid
G204 Jolly Roger 1979 IEFG boardgamegeek Piracy and treasures
G205 Magic wood 1979 IEFG boardgamegeek Gnomes, elves, trolls and goblins
G206 Conquistadores 1979 IEFG boardgamegeek Conquistadores in south America, in the 17th century
G207 Ra 1979 IEFG boardgamegeek strategic game over hexagons
G208 Empire 1979 IEFG boardgamegeek Diplomacy, bluff, combat in Europe during 18th Century
G209 Rally 1980 IEFG boardgamegeek World rally championship
G210 Capital Power 1980 IEFG boardgamegeek Game in the world of finance and international business
G211 Samarcanda 19xx IEFG boardgamegeek The Marvellous Adventures of Marco Polo
G212 Mundialito 19xx IEFG boardgamegeek Football match (soccer)
G213 Superbowl 19xx IEFG boardgamegeek American Football match
G214 Play off 19xx IEFG boardgamegeek Basketball match
G215 Grand prix 19xx IEFG boardgamegeek Formula 1 race
G216 Mafia 1993 IEFG boardgamegeek get the control of Sicily
G217 ????? 19xx ???? ???? ????
G218 Fief 1984 FIS boardgamegeek miltary and politics in the Middle Age
G219 Thalassa 1984 IF boardgamegeek sailboat racing simulation
G220 Terre des Bêtes 1984 F Règles et jeux Take pictures of animals
G221 Tele foot 19xx F none Mundialito (G212) in French
G222 Referendum 1985 I Ebay Each player plays a social group organizing a referendum
G223 Le gang des tractions avant 1985 F boardgamegeek Gangsters in Paris, during the 50s
G224 ????? 19xx ???? ???? ????
G225 Roma 19xx IEFG boardgamegeek Risk-style game around the ancient Mediterranean Sea
G226 Ma non i coperchi 1986 I none compilation of small games
G227 Jonathan 19xx I ebay Adventures in the jungle
G228 Consulting detective 19xx I boardgamegeek Italian release of the Sherlock Holmes game
G229 Generalowsky 1987 IEFG tana dei goblin Political progress of Russian generals
G230 Eureka / Heureka / genius rules 1987 IFG boardgamegeek Card game in a metal box
none Gioco dell'oste 1987 I boardgamegeek Abstract strategic game
none Single Game ? IF none solitaire based on round cards in a small metallic box

And also from the catalogue published by Gianni Cottognis on "Web-grognards": 3, Zodiac memo take, Trafic, Smoking game, Rossi Adventures

   The following games are from the "IT junior" serie (very rare).

Ref. Game Year Lang. Description
J403 base 4 19xx IF The space ship battles (2 to 4 players from 6 years on)
J406 Bibifoc and the bears 19xx ? Checker game on ice (2 players from 4 years on)

   The following games were published in partnership with International Team. On the box side is written "Prodotto dalla International team".

Ref. Game Year Lang. Editor Description
021 Il Giro d'Italia 19xx I EDIMAC bicycle race
710001 Il gioco di Sbirulino 19xx I Editrice Piccoli Question games for children
N.1001 Swiss costumes game 1986 IEFG Rodeo Games Swiss folklore

The puzzles:

   International Team a published several jigsaw puzzles including the zodiac serie, printed on gold paper.
The following references are only a few part of the catalogue. This is based on what I found during the last years on Ebay and even sometime on flee markets.

de pièces
Ref. Titre Illustrateur Taille
150 3005 Naïf Puzzle   29x29cm
280 2501 Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci 33x48cm
280 4007 Pinocchio   33x48cm
280 4009 Alice   33x48cm
500 6010 Poster puzzle - Vogue George W. Plank 33x48cm
500 6011 Liberty Puzzle - Rudge Whitworth Cycles Stewart Browne 33x48cm
500 6014 Science Fiction Puzzle "Delta" Enea Riboldi (1978) 33x48cm
500 6016 Sogno - Rêve Irene Invrea (1978) 33x48cm
500 6052 Design puzzle Guido Crepax 33x48cm
500 6055 Clouet - Signora alla toilette Anonyme 33x48cm
750 7004 Cattedrale di Chartres   48cmx68cm
750 7005 Reporter Puzzle (Indonesia)   ???
750 7007 Poster puzzle ? 48cmx68cm
750 7008 Poster puzzle - Millinery number of Vogue George W. Plank 48cmx68cm
750 7010 Poster Puzzle Mercedes Daimler   48cmx68cm
1000 8001 Bosch Puzzle - L'Adorazione del magi Hieronymus Bosch 48x68cm
1000 8003 Mosaic Puzzle - Imperatore Giustiniano   48x68cm
1000 8008 Liberty puzzle "Grande Arena Milano" Fdel 1897 48x68cm
1000 8009 Liberty Puzzle "La polvere di Pirlimpinpin" Edel 1897 48x68cm
1000 8011 Design Puzzle - Gianni Pegoraro Gianni Pegoraro 48x68cm
1000 8013 L'oasi degli elefanti Irene Invrea 48x68cm
1000 8016 Lira Italiana / Lire Italien   48x68cm
1000 8053 Fantasy puzzle / Dulac / Foresta Incantata Dulac 48x68cm
1000 8055 Design puzzle / Coco Coco 48x68cm
1000 8058 Momento Magico / Moment Magique / Magic moment / Magischer Moment Emilia Baragiola 48x68cm
1000 8059 Fenicotteri / Phenicopteres / Flamingoes / Flamingos Irene Invrea 48x68cm
1000 8060 Campagna / Campagne / Campaign / Land Blanc 48x68cm
1000 8061 Pescatrice / Pécheresse / Fisher Woman / Anglerin Blanc 48x68cm
1500 9001 Design puzzle - Tentazione Coco 58x78cm
1500 9002 Le Canard Blanc (Oudry) Le Canard Blanc 58x78cm
1500 9003 Rubens Puzzle Rubens 58x78cm
1500 9004 Naif Puzzle   58x78cm
1500 9007 Poster Puzzle - B.S.A   58x78cm
1500 9008 Design Puzzle - Rodolfo Marcenaro Rodolfo Marcenaro 58x78cm
1500 9012 Humor Design: Giro D'Italia / Tout d'Italie Deltessa 1983 58x78cm
1500 9022 In poltrona / En fauteuil   58x78cm
1500 9024 Rosa   58x78cm
1500 9027 Procession   58x78cm
1500 9051 Pegoraro / Fiaba Pegoraro 58x78cm
1500 9052 Design Puzzle - Marcenaro/Bambi Rodolfo Marcenaro 58x78cm
1500 9054 Krisna   58x78cm
1500 9055 Liberty Puzzle - Mucha Mucha 58x78cm
1500 9056 Mosaico Puzzle, Basilica di S. Marco (Cupolleta Genesi)   58x78cm
1500 9057 Liberty Puzzle - Klimt / Hygiegia Klimt 58x78cm
1500 9063 Silver Serie: Vele / Voiles   58x78cm
1500 9071 Super stars: Charlie Chaplin Ermes Miceli 58x78cm 23"x32"
1500 9072 Super stars: Greta Garbo Ermes Miceli 58x78cm 23"x32"
1500 9073 Super stars: Humphrey Bogart Ermes Miceli 58x78cm 23"x32"
1500 9074 Super stars: James Dean Ermes Miceli 58x78cm 23"x32"
1500 9075 Super stars: Marlene Dietrich Ermes Miceli 58x78cm 23"x32"
1500 9076 Super stars: Marilyn Monroe Ermes Miceli 58x78cm 23"x32"
1500 9081? Zodiac:Aquarius ? 58x78cm
1500 9082 Zodiac: Pisces Ermes Miceli 58x78cm
1500 9083 Zodiac: Aries M Aforia ? 58x78cm
1500 9084 Zodiac: Taurus Ruelle Mitartartollo ? 58x78cm
1500 9085 Zodiac: Gemini ? 58x78cm
1500 9086 Zodiac: Cancer Ermes Miceli 58x78cm
1500 9087 Zodiac: Leo M Aforia ? 58x78cm
1500 9088 Zodiac: Virgo Ermes Miceli 58x78cm
1500 9089 Zodiac: Libra ? 58x78cm
1500 9090 Zodiac: Scorpio Ermes Miceli 58x78cm
1500 9091 Zodiac: Sagittarius M Aforia ? 58x78cm
1500 9092 Zodiac: Capricornus Ruelle Mitartartollo ? 58x78cm
2000 5101 Blues Belles Irene Invrea 68x98cm
2000 5102 Pazzo Mondo Adalberto Sampaolo 68x96cm
2000 5103 Winter Scene Ermes Miceli 68x96cm
2000 5104 Autumn puzzle Ermes Miceli 68x96cm
2000 5105 Summer Scene Ermes Miceli 68x96cm
2000 5110 Rhinoceros Azzurro / Blue Rhinoceros Irene Invrea 68x98cm
2000 5112 Notre Dame   68x96cm

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