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The game

   Norge is a game about the Norway campaign in April and May 1940. This is a large scale combination of naval combats, landings, bombings, parachuting, land combats. Norway is a large country. So the game contains one strategic map representing Norway and 6 tactical maps at a lower scale around the main harbours.

   For the French player, this is an opportunity to discover Narvik. This is in fact the only French victory in 1939/1940 and this battle is proudly known by the Chasseurs Alpins, the foreign legion and the polish army who participated.

See for instance in French, and in english, a detailed text about the Norway campaign: OPERATION WESERÜBUNG.

The illustration

   The illustration that represents Some alpine units is signed "Casertano 80" ( Giampiero Casertano).

Opening of the box

   The box contains the rules, the strategic and tactical maps, 1 die, the counters, 1 combat table sheet, 1 calendar and a set of convoy/submarine sheets

The maps

The strategic map represents Norway from Narvik to Oslo. 3 tactical maps detail the south coast and the 3 other detail the north part of the coast. There are also 4 little maps to calculate the moves off the map.

The counters

   The counters represent the German, French, English and Norwegian armies. Other counters represent the destroyed bridges, the disorganized units, a black cross for the German control on harbour/airports, the weather conditions for the north and south zones. There is also a 4 arrows counters used to indicate the turn.

   Special thanks to François J (living in the Alpes Maritime) for the recto-verso scan of the unpunched counters.

The rules

   The rulebook contains 32 pages in 4 languages (Italian, English, German, French).
   At the beginning, the Norwegian positions are fixed. The German ships position is also fixes but the player can put on each ship one army counter of its choice (except paratrooper and tank). A paratrooper unit is put near the zone A airport and near the zone B airport. 4 units are preserved to be aircraft landed later. One paratrooper and one infantry unit are preserved to be used during turn 6.
   The game is played in 10 turns of 2 days each. The calendar indicates the position and the entry turn of each boat and submarine. Each turn is divided into 5 phases:
      - weather forecast for North and South zone (clear, rainy, stormy)
      - placement of German planes, Allied planes and settlement of air battles.
      - naval phase
      - ground phase
      - submarine phase (secret placements and movements)
   For each airport under German control, the German player can use one fighter and one bomber. The Allied player can only employ 1 planes for each aircraft carrier.
   At the beginning of the game, the German player has 3 regiment units on each of its 5 ships. Later, any ground unit will come by a naval transportation as convoy between controlled harbours.

An article published in "The Wargamer 25" (1983)

   This article published in "The Wargamer 25" (1983) have been written by Jack Greene. Jack created several naval oriented wargames. Especially, he published Norway 1940 (here on Boargamegeek). In the article, he wrote he was a fan of the Norway Campaign but was fair-play not to speak about Norway 1944 and only speak about Narvik of GDW - one of his favourite game. It's a very good article that explains well the weakness of Norge as an historical simulation but that also recognize that it remains an interesting game. Comparing Norge to the excellent game Narvik, it could have been a lot more negative.

   An interesting detail written in the beginning of the article: "International Team Group is a division of a larger company called Kosmos. Kosmos is primarily a company that produces very striking jigsaw puzzles". I did not find any other information on the Kosmos group. Kosmos is a very usual word but It does not give results on Ebay Italy, France, USA in the jigsaw puzzle category.

The price:

N° EBAY Price EBAY Country Date Remarks
5923253511 EUR 51 France 4 oct 2004 unpunched
5941248000 EUR 56,51 France 13 dec 2004  
5941219106 EUR 51 France 16 Dec 2004  
5165202192 EUR 17 France 20 Feb 2005  
5167677904 EUR 80 Italy 1 mar 2005  
5192435721 EUR 33,50 France 11 maiy 2005  
5210850009 EUR 30,60 Germany 23 June 2005  
5210613488 EUR 42,50 France 26 June 2005  
5985051181 EUR 6,50 France 8 July 2005  
5995092115 EUR 51,50 France 30 Aug 2005  
8713465440 EUR 35,50 France 31 oct 2005  
8757304899 EUR 32,50 Italy 2 feb 2006  
8777961529 EUR 72 Italy 16 mar 2006  

NORGE overview

reference: W118
game for 2-4 players of 15 years or over
Duration of the game: 4-6 hours
Duration of a move in scale: 2 days
Level of complexity: 4 (complex)
Date: 1981
Authors: International Team


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