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The game

   Waterloo is a wargame. The army of Napoléon is facing the armies of Prussia and England.
   This is an interesting game, requiring some experience to master movements and combats in formation.
   This game is a part of a trilogy with similar rules (except some details): Austerlitz, Jena, Waterloo

The illustration

   The illustration is signed by Enea Riboldi (Enea79) and is very detailed: the triumphant style of Jena and Austerlitz has been replaced by a more pessimistic one. 2 "cuirassiers" are presented: one is wounded and the other has left his horse. This uniform is visible on the sites histofig and

Opening of the box

   The box contains the rules, the map, a mini map for training, 2 dice, the counters, a calendar and a combat table.

The map

The map represents the area of the two battles. The map is subdivided following a "little squares / big squares" grid.

The counters

   The game includes 56 French counters, 52 English counters, 36 Prussian counters, 20 smoke counters. The counters are double sided. The second face represents the demoralized unit.

The rules

   The rulebook contains 17 pages in four languages (Italian, English, German, French).
   The game is divided into 16 turns (meaning 8 hours). The victory is achieved with the greatest amount of enemy units killed. Each turn is divided into 2 parts: one French and one English-Prussian. Each part is divided into 3 phases: Artillery, movement and combat. The Prussian army is entering only during the 9th turn. During the first turns, the cavalry and artillery are handicapped by an heavy terrain due to some rain the day before (!).

   The attacks can be made in formation, increasing the attack force.

   The leaders increase the attack force of the adjacent counters.

   As an optional rule, some units may be demoralized after a retreat of more than 3 squares. This demoralization affects the unit and the different units crossed during the retreat. Such unit can recover moral after a victory by direct combat with an enemy retreat of at least 3 squares.

   The game includes a small map representing different terrains and used to learn the rules. This is the same map as the one in Austerlitz. Each player has 5 infantry units, 1 light infantry, 2 cavalry at 1 artillery.


N° EBAY Price EBAY Country Date Remarks
5912572414 EUR 16 germany 09 Aug 2004  
5932553110 EUR 51 France 15 nov 2004  
5943633514 EUR 102 Italy 24 dec 2005 PERFETTE CONDIZIONI
5951023033 EUR 100 Italy 28 jan 2005 PERFETTE CONDIZIONI
5953724659 EUR 59,50 France 06 fev 2005 Unpunched
5971094970 EUR 47,82 Italy 29 apr 2005  
5194282389 EUR 36 Italy 16 may 2005  
5199308306 EUR 25,5 France 25 may 2005  
5203106566 EUR 16 France 5 June 2005 uncomplete, not sold
5208331156 EUR 16,5 France 20 June 2005  
5209523546 EUR 25,5 France 23 June 2005  
5214411732 EUR 13,5 France 10 July 2005  
5292019730 $ 102,50 USA 2 oct 2005 unpunched
8701653503 EUR 35,5 France 8 oct 2005  
8713078118 £ 35,6 UK 2 nov 2005  
8718155773 EUR 45,5 Italy 10 nov 2005  
8718853502 EUR 66 France 14 nov 2005  
8740971079 EUR 69 Italy 31 dec 2005  
8782095190 AU $ 49 Australia 26 mar 2006  
8790279655 EUR 30,50 France 11 apr 2006  
8803369921 £ 7 UK 3 may 2006  
8820060981 EUR 26 France 5 june 2006  

WATERLOO overview

reference: W108
Game for 2/3 players from 15 years on
Time of game: 4 hours
Time of each move on scale: 1/2 hour
Difficulty: 4 (hard)
Date: 1980
Authors: "Care of International Team planning department"


   A home made Waterloo
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   and for the history, one of the first wargames ever published by Avalon Hill in 1962: Waterloo (AH) on boardgamegeek
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   Other links ? Well, this is one the most famous battle and if you type in google: battle waterloo, you will have 846000 answers.

A museum ?

   Les invalides of course, in Paris. You will see here the uniform of the illustration, in the middle of plenty of Napoleonic objects.

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