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The game

   Wohrom is not exactly a wargame, it is more a quest, an exploration game, influenced by Role Playing Game concepts.

   Each player owns 8 knights who explore the map. They meet different kind of people and monsters, they also find magic objects. The aim of the game is to provide one's knight with the sceptre and the crown, to seduce a princess and to stay during 2 turns near Wohrom's tomb, in the middle of the map. This knight becomes king when he succeed.

   This game is for 2 players but may also be played easily as a solitaire game.

The illustration

   The dragon is huge and the situation seems to be a little bit desperate for the knight.

Opening of the box

   The box contains the map, the counters, 8 cards to solve duels, 1 combat table, the rules of the game, a set of knight's sheets and 2 dice.

The map

   The map represents the Regatai province. the roads are numbered to randomize where each knight enters. In the centre of the map is Wohrom's tomb. Some hex includes castles and "magic points", identified by letters from the "Marcoman Alphabet".

   In the beginning of the game, hidden counters are put on these letters:
      - on each of the 15 hex with a simple letter on it: a talisman and a monster
      - on each of the 10 hex with a letter and a star, 1 wild people (2 counters)
      - in each castle a dark knight and a princess

The counters

   There is no inventory in the game. The following sheet may help you to verify if your game is complete. It was made with a large number of cut and paste as a solution before having a real scan of the unpunched counter sheet. Click the image to get a better quality.

The rules

   The rulebook contains 21 pages in 4 languages (Italian, English, German and French)

   Each turn is made of the following phases:
      - a roll of the die decides who will move first
   For each player
      - 2 dice are rolled in order to set how many knights will enter by which road. Each knight enters with one soldier counter.
      - All the knights previously captured try to get away. The captured knights are tortured
      - Movements. Dice are rolled for the dead town.
      - Find and capture isolated knights
      - Combats
      - Recruitments of peasants and wolves by subjugated werewolves
   Common phase
      - Diplomatic phase to subjugate the encountered people. Princesses fall in love.
      - Exchange of talismans and Princesses among the knights, recovery from wounds.

   A combat may be a duel between 2 individual knights. In this case, it is solved using the cards. Combats between armies are managed as usual in any wargame but only an army with a knight can attack.
   When a knight enter in an hex with a monster + a talisman, he of course have to beat the monsters to win the talisman. Some monsters may be subjugated: spirits, sorrels, wizards and Werewolves. These monsters give different bonus to the knight.
   The dragons may appear randomly, on a die throw of 6, after having discovered at least 9 other talismans. If the dragon is defeated, the knight wins the crown or the sceptre.
   New armies may be obtained with peasants in the villages or wild people..

Some price (2004-2006):

   This game is rare. It was fast retired from the catalogue, probably due to a lack of success.

N░ EBAY Price EBAY Country Date Remarks
5902718250 $ 40,52 USA 13 June 2004  
5170457619 EUR 116 France 06 Mar 2005  
5195581848 EUR 33,50 France 16 May 2005  
52337925758 $ 135,10 Italy 2 sept 2005  
5239134346 EUR 82 France 15 sept 2005  
5243624509 EUR 71 France 26 sept 2005  
8713465575 EUR 46,58 France 31 oct 2005  
8731971461 EUR 46,09 France 11 dec 2005  
8762349544 $ 81 USA 13 feb 2006 unpunched

WOHROM overview

reference: W112
A game for 2 players from 15 years on
Duration of the game: from 4 to 8 hours
Difficulty: 4 (hard)
Date: 1981


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