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The game

   Zargo's Lords 2 is an extension for Zargo's Lords. It was sold in a thin cardboard envelope with the rulebook, 2 counter sheets, a combat resolution table and 2 small people cards inside.

The counters

   The game includes 2 new people: the Amazons and the Aracnids. It also includes more cities: so the number of city for one people became 6 (and not 4 anymore).

The rules

   The rulebook contains 15 pages in four languages (Italian, English, German, French).
   the combat resolution wheels are replaced by the following table:

   Compared to Zargo's Lords, some detailed are modified:
      - to identify the hexagon type, you have to look at the dominant land (50% at least in the hexagon).
      - When 2 players only are involved, each one is using 2 continents.
      - Each player now have 6 cities and they have to be at a minimum distance of 4 hexagons one from the other.
      - A city can not be on or adjacent to woods, mountains, magical whirlpools, coast and cloud bridge.
      - 2 counters can now be on the same hex. The player add the attacking force. If an enemy launch a vision against these 2 counters, he may chose to attack one or both counters. When he attack both, he used a -1 on die throw. When arrows or flame are used, a +1 is applied but only one counter is touched.
      - When some flame is launched in a wood hex, there is a +2 on the die throw.
      - The arrows may be launched in any direction at a distance of 8 to 5 hexagons (and not only in a straight line).
      - In the event of moving back as a result of combat or by effect of a vision which may lead to obstacles (seas, woods, mountains, towns), the counter is not eliminated but reduced. It is turned face down and can not fight or move until a lord of its people came on or near it. Then in the end of the turn, a die is thrown: 4 5 6: the counter is recovered, 2 3 nothing, 1 eliminated. When an enemy comes near a reduced counter, this one is automatically eliminated during the combat phase. A reduced counter do not have any zone of control.
      - In the event of a retreat which take a unit beyond the edge of the game map, it will be placed on the same letter of the corresponding edge, continuing the retreat in any direction chosen by the player.
      - a D5 becomes a D4 for knights infantry and for the winged archers.
      - when a city is attacked, D1 and D3 becomes A1, D5 and De eliminate the counters and the city is conquered. A city without counters is automatically conquered.
      - Some secrete passages exist between the cities: during each turn, it is possible to transfer units from one to another city (as long as it does not affect the rules of normal mustering).

      The game is faster because it is played only in 10 turns, with victory points calculated with a benefit for the first cities conquered during the game: 18 points for the first city conquered, then 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 and 2 for the following. When a player conquered cities from 2 people, the core is multiplied by 2; from 3 people, it is multiplied by 3. The player also have to subtract 5 points for each lord lost (with a maximum of 30 points).

   At the beginning of the game turn, it is possible to try to achieve a magic event.
      - this event can take place only within 10 hexagons of a Lord of the player's people.
      - When magic is not used during one turn, the player accumulates a +1 point for the next magic die throw, with a maximum of 4 points.
      - to achieve a magic deed, it is necessary to chose the magic event and to declare the number of cumulated points to be used (not always the total). Then a die is thrown. If the minimum is achieved, the magic effect is applied.
      - Grand landslide: annuls the effects of the mountain on movements and on combat for that move (minimum score: 4, each extra point adds another hexagon).
      - Bridge of thought: Creates cloud bridges between two coasts, not longer than 3 hexes (minimum score: 5, each extra point adds another bridge).
      - Illuminated courage: Recovers reduced units (minimum score: 6, each extra point adds another unit).
      - Sword of light: doubles the value player's unit in one hexagon ((minimum score: 7, each extra point increase the range of 1 hex around the first hex)
      - Second birth: Recovery of a lord previously lost in combat, who comes back in one city (minimum score: 8, each extra point adds another lord).
      - Villainous odalisque: It prevents an enemy lord to send magic during one turn (minimum score: 3, each extra point adds another lord).
      - Megadragon: A 15 fighting factor dragon is created in an hexagon for one turn (minimum score: 5, each extra point adds another dragon)
      - Sombre sleep: Reduces one enemy unit (minimum score: 6, each extra point increases the range of one hexagon around the first unit).
      - Earthquake: Eliminates one enemy unit (minimum score: 7, each extra point increases the range of one hexagon around the first unit).
      - Whirlpool of flames: Brings down towns with occupants, giving half of he normal score. (minimum score: 8, each extra point adds one city).

An article in Jeux et Stratégie n°21 (Juillet-Août 1983)


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