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The game

   Bonaparte is a strategic game utilizing units of army corp size. It is mainly about a conflict between France and England during 7 years. The 11 other nations are allies who can change from one to the other camp. The game also includes logistic management aspects: the armies have to use food from the terrains they occupy. This prevents having many armies in a small not fertile country. The naval war is also included, with harbour and commercial lines control. Each year (every 4 turns), part of the eliminated or reduced armies may be reconstructed.

The illustration

   The illustration represents Napoleon on a white Arab horse.

   Napoleon's horses are still a subject of historical discussions, showing the importance of cavalry at that time. For instance, take a look to the French site or read the book Marengo: The Myth of Napoleon's Horse. One stuffed Napoleon's horse is visible in the museum of the Invalides in Paris.

   The author of the illustration is Giampiero Casertano. As a coincidence, he also collaborated to an Italian Magazine called ... Napoleone ...

Opening of the box

   The box includes the rules, the map, 2 dice, the counters, 1 combat and politic table, several logistic sheets that includes the calendar and meteorological tables.

The map

The map represents the Europe. On the see are indicated the English commercial lines and a frontier for the Spanish fleet. The map is in four parts. this is not a puzzle like many other International Team games.

The counters

   All the counters are not used simultaneously during the game. For instance for the French counters: at the beginning of the game, the 4 fleet, Napoleon and 19 standard veterans counters (V 5 15) are used. A "R" counter (reinforced) is for instance an army reconstructed from a veteran's counter that was reduced after a defeat. A "C" counter (conscript) is a new recruit. the symbol near the letter indicates a specialization in cavalry or artillery, meaning an enhanced counter. The "d" commands are specialized in defence, the "a" one are specialized in attack. the logistic centres are the counters with 2 dots and a "6". The fleet have only a combat factor.

The games includes 2 white counters with a star used as markers on the political table (on the map, in Africa), and 4 double sided F/GB for the initiative in each of the 4 map zones. The arrow and stop white counters are used during tactical phase combat.

An article in Jeux et Stratégie n°16 (sept 1982)

The rules

   The rulebook includes 63 pages in four languages (Italian, English, German, French).
   The game is made of 28 turns (meaning 7 years - 1 turn = 1 season). Each turn is made of 5 phases:
      - weather conditions: the weather conditions have an influence on the budget available to reconstruct armies, logistic calculation and strategic movements.
      - strategic phase: armies movement on a long distance and logistic calculation. When a counter wish to cross an enemy unit, the enemy decides if he let it cross or if it has to stop. The logistic is an important aspect of the game. It is based on the concept that a single army in a standard terrain do not need external supplying. Up to 5 counters in the same hexagon or an unfertile terrain requires supplying points and a logistic line with a length of less than 6 hexagon to the supplying centre.
      - tactical phase: short distance movements, combats and political consequence calculation
      - naval phase: movements and combats
      - political phase: the minor countries can be military won (after a partial destruction of their army) or following political factor calculation: some French allies may rebel when Napoleon loses some points.
   At the end of each year (every 4 turns), the reduced or destroyed armies may be reconstructed regarding to the available budget and some national limits.

Some price (2004-2006):

N° EBAY Price EBAY Country Date Remarks
5919366499 EUR 61 France 15 sept 2004  
5921651282 EUR 51 France 26 sept 2004  
5929320075 EUR 15,65 Germany 30 oct 2004  
5936824993 EUR 57,50 France 1 dec 2004  
5181900258 EUR 20,50 France 2 apr 2005 without rules
5186936236 EUR 36 France 23 apr 2005 unpunched
5193129091 EUR 43,50 France 10 may 2005  
5195238259 EUR 35,50 France 15 may 2005  
5200090914 EUR 45,50 France 30 may 2005 unpunched
5203528290 EUR 15,50 France 6 june 2005  
5204763775 EUR 36 France 13 june 2005 unpunched
5216226152 EUR 18,50 France 12 july 2005  
5216214188 EUR 102 France 15 july 2005  
5993319045 EUR 24,99 France 15 july 2005  
5994853972 EUR 21 France 1 August 2005 without rules
6002524978 EUR 67,80 France 5 oct 2005  
8713465353 EUR 35 France 31 oct 2005  
8718145306 EUR 45 Italy 10 nov 2005 not sold
8721306707 EUR 30,50 France 19 nov 2005  
8725465694 EUR 45 Italy 25 nov 2005 not sold
8730422185 EUR 40 France 3 nov 2005  
8735369643 EUR 60 Italy 10 dec 2005  
6028098265 EUR 40 Spain 15 jan 2006  
8799531299 EUR 40,50 France 15 apr 2006  
8804864633 EUR 10,50 France  
8806498889 EUR 26,50 France idem 8799531299

BONAPARTE overview

reference: W119
game for 2/4 people 15 years of age or over
Duration of the game: 6-8 hours
Duration of a round in scale: 3 months and 1 day
Width of a hexagon in scale: 60 km
Difficulty: 6 (very hard)
Date: 1982
Authors: International Team


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And for the fan of Napoleon strategic games, the game reference is "Empires in Arms": with several web sites including and with for instance solitaire rules.

A book ?

Of course "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy

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