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The game

   Okinawa is a wargame about one of the last battle of the pacific war, in April-June 1945. The Japanese were fortified inside bunkers and caves in the south part of the Island. This battle was a tragedy, with many military and civil killed. After the war, Okinawa became an American controlled territory until the 15th May 1972, when it was given back to Japan. But there are still today some large US military camps, making some tension with the local citizens.
   There is a large document Okinawa, the last battle on the US army site. A well designed page, in French, is available on the site les pages de Nezumi.
   This game has uncommon rules: the Japanese player chose secretly where to put his force on the Island. The American player lands and search. As it was during the famous battle, the Japanese are entrenched in caves, bunkers, etc.

   Of course, Okinawa is first of all a game and the terrible aspects of this battle are not simulated.

   This game will be later enhanced and pubslished by Eurogames.

The illustration

   The illustration is signed by Enea Riboldi. You can easily see a Japanese aircraft with a torpedo. In reality it was mainly kamikaze attacks, see for instance pictures from the site Okinawa, the last battle. More than 1900 kamikazes died in Okinawa.

Opening of the box

   The box contains the rulebook, the map, a die, 166 counters, a set of sheets to write the Japanese position, 2 wheels: one to solve combat and one for artillery/calendar, 1 "legend" page.

The map

   The map represents the Okinawa Island. The mountains and beaches are well differentiated. Be aware of the scale effect: in fact, the Island is quite big: more than 70 miles long (more than 100 km) - 1 hexagon = around 2 km.

The counters

   The counters represent the Japanese and American forces. The minefields and bunkers can not be moved.

The rules

   The rulebook contains 14 pages in 4 languages (Italian, English, German, French). The English translation is not very good but remains understandable.
   The Japanese units are placed secretly and written on an Island map.

   The game is unbalanced and the US player has to find and eliminate all the Japanese units before the end of the calendar (between the 1st April and the 21st June, corresponding to 27 game turns). On the calendar is also indicated the number of Kamikaze units available during each turn. This calendar is written on the Artillery wheel.

   The American counters are put on any beach, with a limit of 2 counters per hexagon. Then they move and when they move on an Japanese occupied hexagon, they go back one hex, staying in contact with the Japanese. Another way to find Japanese counters is to use special Artillery fire called "mopping-up shots".

An enhanced rule was published for with the Eurogames release of the game in 1989: The Eurogames rules in French.

The articles in Casus Belli:

A very negative article on this game was published in Casus Belli n°6. The main remarks were about the poor translation quality and a non realistic rules: for instance Kamikaze with to much power and the famous "mopping-up shots" used to find Japanese counters.

The article on Okinawa and Sicily 43 in Casus Belli 6

A second article was published in Casus Belli n° 54, for the Eurogames release.

The article on Okinawa (Eurogames) in Casus Belli 54

An article published in Fire & Movement n°23

Some price (2004-2006):

This is a very common game.

N° EBAY Price EBAY Country Date Remarks
5921785173 EUR 30,50 France 27 sep 2004  
5922392643 EUR 25,50 France 27 sep 2004  
5924529025 EUR 15,50 France 10 oct 2004  
<5927826829 EUR 27,50 France 26 oct 2004  
5934139710 EUR 38,50 France 21 nov 2004 new
<5938796577 $ 79,99 USA 08 dec 2004 Not sold
5938852340 EUR 30,50 Italie 09 dec 2004  
5944391142 EUR 14,50 France 24 dec 2004  
5944182892 EUR 25 France 26 dec 2004  
5950400387< $ 28,88 USA 23 jan 2005  
5950653009 $ 36 USA 23 jan 2005 unpunched
5953571804< EUR 26 Italy 06 feb 2005  
5953617225 EUR 19 Austria 09 feb 2005 not sold
5168507483 $ 32,55 USA 1 mar 2005  
5169220536 £ 9,99 UK 6 mar 2005  
5962315277 EUR 5 France 16 mar 2005  
5963179813 EUR 20 Belgian 23 mar 2005  
5193139791 EUR 15 France 10 may 2005  
5194539069 EUR 7,50 Germany 16 may 2005  
5195086221 EUR 13,50 France 18 may 2005  
5195444867 EUR 51 Italy 19 may 2005  
5976759688 EUR 70 Italy 29 may 2005 not sold
5976778347 EUR 49 Italy 30 may 2005  
5203078360 EUR 60 France 5 June 2005 not sold
5202733595 $ 41 Italy 7 June 2005  
5978743579 EUR 65 Italy 9 June 2005 not sold
5211159507 $ 32,5 USA 28 June 2005  
5215406524 EUR 27,5 France 13 July 2005  
5236483246 EUR 45 France 5 sept 2005  
5238633539 EUR 24,99 France 11 sept 2005  
8706574196 $ 12 USA 15 oct 2005  
8714508137 EUR 70 Italy 5 nov 2005  
60114453257 EUR 31,51 France 13 nov 2005  
8723154652 EUR 51 France 23 nov 2005 unpunched
8731985469 EUR 40 France 2 dec 2005  
87457320299< EUR 36,50 France 11 jan 2006  
8752317945 $ 48 USA 23 jan 2006  
8755951555 EUR 35,50 France 2 feb 2006  
8766640752 $ 21,15 USA 19 feb 2006  
8788016521 $ 69,99 USA 1 apr 2006  
8808151743 $ 900 USA 14 may 2006 unpunched
6062167654 EUR 24,50 France 8 june 2006  

OKINAWA overview

reference: W105
Game for 2 players from 15 years on
The game lasts from 2 to 4 hours
Difficulty: 3 (average)
Date: 1979

Remark: on the "jeux et stratégie" fiche, There is 2 hearts, that means "We like it a lot".


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A similar game:

   There are only few games on Okinawa:
      - an SPI game from 1975 :
Okinawa (Island War, SPI) on Boargamegeek
      - The Wargamer N°55 magazine (July 1986):
Okinawa (The wargamer) on Boargamegeek

   These 2 games cover only the south part of the Island. The Wargamer magazine includes a 10 page article on the battle, called "The last samurai" and ending with "Forcing the Americans to pay a good price for victory, Ushijima had served his Emperor well in the tradition of the last samurai."

The game from this magazine is a classical and historical wargame, including a campaign and 4 smaller scenarios about "assault on fortified zones". The rules are complex and are 27 pages long.

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