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   At the end of 1988, the International Team company went bankrupt. Some of the games were modified and published again by 3 other companies: Eurogames, Schmidt, Giochi Editor.


   At the end of 1988, the International Team company went bankrupt. At the beginning of 1989, the Rexton company, which distributed in France the Cry Havoc wargame series, created Eurogames, managed by the game creator Duccio Vitale. At the end of 1989, Rexton stops its activity in games. Eurogames become independant.

   To start, Eurogames took 6 International Team games, modified the rules and the game material: Little Big Horn, Yom Kippur, Okinawa, Colonisator (ex kroll and Prumni), Zargos and Fief 2. At the end of 1992, Eurogames also published Moskva (ex Mockba) and two variants: Kharkov/rostov and Kursk. For each game, the rules were simplified by various specialists. The result was usually good and successful.

   Except Zargos which is very different from Zargo's Lords, each game was also published as an update kit for those who already owns the International team game.

   The game content was country specific. So a game distributed in Germany had only the German rules inside. In addition, Fief 2 and Zargos contains some game material with text in the local language.


   This game is derived from Little Big Horn from International Team.

   The Eurogames rules were revised by Yvan Catti and were written by Duccio Vitale. The original game was largely modified to make it faster: new counters, a smaller game map, only one scenario (instead of three), several new game mechanisms. The update kit thus contains a counter sheet, an Indian off board movement sheet, 2 combat tables, the rulebook and instructions to modify the map (with large blows of cutter and black felt!). A French article on Little big horn (Eurogames) in Casus Belli, signed by François Trajan, described the game and proposed some improvements: opportunity fire capability for the Indians; any unit that fires at the beginning of the turn can not move; Infantry and dismounted cavalry can not exit from an Indian zone of control; a dismounted cavalry can not enter into an Indian zone of control. As variant, François Trajan also proposed to remove the Indian mobilisation table; to change the amount of unit used; to accept off board movement of the US player, but only during the odd turns.

OKINAWA (Eurogames)

   This game is derived from Okinawa from International Team.

   The Eurogames rules were revised by Xavier Jacus, of the "Cercle de Stratégie" (a still very active club from east of France) and written by Duccio Vitale and Yves Fagherazzi (who also wrote the French Viking rules, from the Cry Havoc series). the game is accelerated: 15 turns only, instead of 27. So the American player has to take risks. A French article on Okinawa (Eurogames) was published in Casus Belli 54. A French article on Okinawa (Eurogames) was published in Le Journal du stratège n°45. As a variant, Xavier Jacus and Pierre Mignet proposed there a rebalancing in favour of the American player: to add one second phase of combat for the U.S. tanks after their second phase of movement and to remove from the bunkers their attack factor and their Zone of Control if there is no “regular unit” inside.

YOM KIPPUR (Eurogames)

   This game is derived from Yom Kippur from International Team.

    The Eurogames rules were revised and were written by Frank Stora, who was part of Casus Bellli magazine team. There is only few modifications to the original game: The basic rules no more exists, only the advanced rules are kept. If you understand French, you can compare with the IT rules (in French, on the club de Stratégie de Moissy Cramayel site). The update kit is quite light, with one 8 pages rulebook and one combat table. a new terrain table and a new combat table are available here (thank you Bathory). A French article on Yom Kippur (Eurogames) in Casus Belli 54 fix some minor errors in the rulebook. A French article on Yom Kippur (Eurogames) was published in Le Journal du stratège n°47.


   This game is derived from Kroll & Prumni from International Team.

   The Eurogames rules were revised by François Nedelec author of French wargames (Mai 68, Viva Zapata) and of Role Playing Games (Empire Galactique). These rules were written by Duccio Vitale. The main concepts of the original rule are preserved but the details are modified: number of counters produced by the home base, movements, damage management, hidden planets etc. A French article on Colonisator have been published in Casus Belli 55.

ZARGOS (Eurogames)

   This game has only little in common with Zargo's Lords from International Team.

   Zargos is more similar to Risk than to Zargo's Lords. From the original game, it only kept the people name and design. This game was designed by Duccio Vitale with the support of Jean-louis Chantreau. In the first rulebook, it was also written "from an idea of Marco Donadoni". the map design is from Claude Lacroix (also comics writer ?). Two different release were published. The first one, in a yellow box, was from 1989. After 1990, it included the 2nd edition rules. The blue box came later. The 1990 rules were enhanced and 60 initial position cards were added (following an ides of the Role Playing Game designer Pierre Rosenthal). This game was very popular in France. There was even a France championship of Zargos. A French article on Zargos have been published in Casus Belli 55.

   On the web, you can find:
      - The rules - first edition (with a longer counter setting, inspired from the game "The Wizard's Quest" and less benefit to attack the Zargos territory)
      - the 2nd edition rules in French (in le site du club de Stratégie de Moissy Cramayel).
      - the 2nd edition rules in English (on boardgamegeek)
      - Some advices (in French) on
      - the tactical advices from casus belli 63 (in French)
      - the disturbers : variants published in French by Pierre Rosenthal in Casus Belli Hors Serie 13
      - The "Journal du stratège" magazine was a great supporter of Zargos in 1991 / 1992. It especially reported several championships ending in 1992 during a convention in Paris. 224 players participated. Following such success, Zargos is still today a collector in France. You will find here A set of analysis, tactics, new rules proposals from this magazine issue 50/51 57 58/59 anf 62. In the last article, it was written "like us, champ at the bit, waiting for the very nearest arrival of new races and also a map extension (??? !!!)". As far as I know, nothing arrived.

FIEF 2 (Eurogames)

   This game is derived from FIEF from International Team.

    The Eurogames rules (on le site du club de Stratégie de Moissy Cramayel) were written by Philippe Mouchebeuf (author of Fief) and adapted by Duccio Vitale. The original game was greatly modified: new counters, new playing cards, new game concepts. For instance, Fief 2 gave to women more responsibilities they can lead strongholds and even lead an army (like Jeanne d'Arc). A French article on Fief 2 have been published in Casus Belli 55. This very good game is still popular and there is a lot of information available on the web:
      - the French site of the author Philippe Moucheboeuf with the last official rules (2.5)
      - A French article published in Casus Belli Hors Serie 13 with the 2.5 rules
      - The English rules on boardgamegeek
      - The English quick guide on boardgamegeek
The playing cards English overview on boardgamegeek
      - The rules in Italian on La pagina ludica di Max and La Tana dei Goblin
      - The rules of fief 2.6 in Italyn on La pagina ludica di Max and La Tana dei Goblin
      - A wonderful new map proposed by Mattia Romano on boardgamegeek
      - A French kit to modify a fief inn fief2 by Jesuska on la guilde
      - Variants in French on ludocratie
      - A variant called Fief 2.6 on le site de Thierry Bretzner (French)
      - A variant called Fief 3 (French) on le site du club de Stratégie de Moissy Cramayel
      - Variant from Spain on le grognard.

MOSKVA (Eurogames)

   This game is derived from Mockba from International Team.
   The Eurogames rules were revised by Frank Stora, who also wrote an enthusiastic article on Mockba in Casus Belli 24. Frank Stora was managing the collection "etoile rouge contre croix noire" made of three games: Moskva, Kharkov / Rostov, Kursk. Other game were planned Kiev, Stalingrad and the desert war but never published. It was explained in an interview of Duccio Vitale in Casus Belli 65. The main concepts of the original rule were kept: It's a simple and efficient game. the game material is very nice: large and colourfull counters, "cry havoc" like map, a tray for the counters.


   This game is derived from "Le gang des tractions avant" from International Team.

   The Schmidt France rules included some small modifications compared to the International Team rules (here on For instance, the amount of money available at the beginning is now 750 000 instead of 500 000.

   The IT rules are also available in English on boardgamegeek.

   regarding to the game content, the main difference is the use of plastic instead of cardboard counters:
International Team:               Schmidt:    


   Editrice Giochi published Roma. But I never found a picture of this game.

   Editrice Giochi also published the zodiac series jigsaw puzzles (see the jigsaw puzzles page ).

Some price (2004-2006):

Game N° EBAY Price EBAY Country Date
LITTLE BIG HORN 5198697284 EUR 23,03 Germany 24 may 2005
LITTLE BIG HORN 6001926646 EUR 30,50 France 5 oct 2005
LITTLE BIG HORN 8727849018 EUR 16 Germany 30 nov 2005
LITTLE BIG HORN 8820129882 EUR 25,50 France 5 june 2006
OKINAWA 5925291942 EUR 9,50 France 11 oct 2004
OKINAWA 5951610006 EUR 15,50 France 31 jan 2005
OKINAWA 5201117091 EUR 26 France 2 June 2005
OKINAWA 5209176289 EUR 10 France 22 June 2005
YOM KIPPUR 5950784570 EUR 22,50 France 24 jan 2005
YOM KIPPUR 5209177546 EUR 25,50 France 22 June 2005
YOM KIPPUR 5232071744 EUR 10,51 France 28 August 2005
YOM KIPPUR 5998641554 EUR 32,50 France 16 sept 2005
YOM KIPPUR 87231572791 EUR 24 France 20 nov 2005
YOM KIPPUR 8742280371 EUR 21,30 Germany 4 dec 2005
COLONISATOR 5930895772 EUR 20 France 9 nov 2004
COLONISATOR 5944907540 EUR 5,50 France 25 dec 2004
COLONISATOR 5232072257 EUR 21,50 France 28 August 2005
COLONISATOR 8748808748 EUR 9,39 Germany 15 jan 2006
COLONISATOR 8821088290 EUR 14,09 Germany 7 june 2006
ZARGOS 5927794199 EUR 81 France 23 oct 2004
ZARGOS 5929373838 EUR 37,50 France 30 oct 2004
ZARGOS orange box 5933778130 EUR 56 France 20 nov 2004
ZARGOS orange box 5935381153 EUR 56 France 21 nov 2004
ZARGOS 5936746122 EUR 72 France 28 nov 2004
ZARGOS 5939619395 EUR 70 France 8 dec 2004
ZARGOS 591205442 EUR 58 France 13 dec 2004
ZARGOS 59549700034 EUR 71 France 12 feb 2005
ZARGOS 5954988150 EUR 120 France 12 feb 2005
ZARGOS 5178270907 EUR 74 France 1 April 2005
ZARGOS 5979760431 EUR 54 France 13 June 2005
ZARGOS 52401911530 EUR 61 France 14 sept 2005
ZARGOS 5999301290 EUR 58 France 22 sept 2005
ZARGOS 5244108814 EUR 11,50 Germany 22 sept 2005
ZARGOS 8700179755 EUR 25,50 Germany 4 oct 2005
ZARGOS 8713079762 EUR 30,49 Germany 30 oct 2005
ZARGOS 8713242451 EUR 10,55 Germany 30 oct 2005
ZARGOS (blue box) 8716194603 EUR 12,50 Germany 9 nov 2005
ZARGOS (blue box) 8723622183 EUR 18,50 Austria 21 nov 2005
ZARGOS (blue box) 8723454041 EUR 15,50 Germany 27 nov 2005
ZARGOS (orange box) 8726978450 EUR 48,50 France 28 nov 2005
ZARGOS (blue box) 8727291645 EUR 21,50 Germany 2 dec 2005
ZARGOS (orange box) 8742281708 EUR 53,97 Germany 4 dec 2005
ZARGOS (blue box) 8756620924 EUR 15,52 Germany 5 jan 2006
ZARGOS (orange box) 8758949841 EUR 48,50 France 6 feb 2006
ZARGOS (orange box) 8760500486 EUR 45,50 Italy 9 feb 2006
ZARGOS 8764516087 EUR 89 France 17 feb 2006
ZARGOS (blue box) 8804401848 EUR 8 Germany 7 may 2006
ZARGOS (orange box) 6057798505 EUR 40 France 19 may 2006
ZARGOS (orange box) 8821085724 EUR 5 Germany 31 may 2006
ZARGOS (orange box) 8818495951 EUR 35 Italy 5 June 2006
ZARGOS (orange box) 8820883108 EUR 35 France 7 June 2006
FIEF 2 5904482957 EUR 69 France 18 june 2004
FIEF 2 5932145899 EUR 51,40 France 14 nov 2004
FIEF 2 5933277453 EUR 111 France 15 nov 2004
FIEF 2 5944386983 EUR 63 France 27 dec 2004
FIEF 2 5975836090 EUR 81 France 22 may 2005
FIEF 2 5980040326 EUR 49,50 France 12 june 2005
FIEF 2 5996696800 EUR 89 France 2 sept 2005
FIEF 2 6013722689 EUR 97 France 24 nov 2005
FIEF 2 6026532245 EUR 73 France 8 jan 2006
FIEF 2 8764753275 EUR 50 France 18 feb 2006
FIEF 2 8770172575 EUR 27,16 Germany 4 mar 2006
FIEF 2 8798743609 EUR 61,10 France 26 april 2006
FIEF 2 8800024459 EUR 66 France 1 May 2006
FIEF 2 8816563144 EUR 56 France 2 june 2006
MOSKVA 5929894567 EUR 15,50 France 4 nov 2004
MOSKVA 5951903641 EUR 12 France 1 feb 2005
MOSKVA 5955214328 EUR 11 France 13 feb 2005
MOSKVA 5980367403 EUR 15 France 13 June 2005
MOSKVA 6028651159 EUR 15 France 20 jan 2006
LE GANG DES TRACTIONS AVANT 5940711575 EUR 31,50 France 12 dec 2004
LE GANG DES TRACTIONS AVANT 6016585883 EUR 15,50 France 1 dec 2005
LE GANG DES TRACTIONS AVANT 6017846558 EUR 15,02 France 8 dec 2005
LE GANG DES TRACTIONS AVANT 8745679784 EUR 18,99 France 8 jan 2006

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