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The game

   Sicily '43 is a wargame about the allied invasion of Sicily also called "Operation Husky". Operation Husky did place from the 10th July until the 17th August 1943. At this date, the last German forces left the island.

   About this subject, more detail is available for instance on the Wikidia page Operation Husky. The allied forces included Canadians attached to the 8th English army of General Montgomery. An audio document from Radio Canada (in French) and a page including several letters from a medical officer are historical documents on the Invasion of Sicily, from a Canadian prospective.
   The American army was also supported by Morocan troops see for instance this Morocan site (in French)

   In the game, the English and American are against the Italian and the German. The game is a race: the different objectives are town to be captured before a given date of the calendar.

The illustration

   The illustration is signed by Enea Riboldi.

Opening of the box

   The box includes the rulebook, the example book, the 5 parts of the map, 2 dice, the counters and a sheet for the combat result table and the calendar..

The map

   The map represents the Sicily. The mountains are well visible, including the Etna volcano, in the north east.
   On the map are indicated the possible landing zones (beaches), the railways, the rivers. To facilitate the game set-up, the starting zones of the German and Italian troops are printed. Under each town name, the target date for the capture is also printed.

The counters

   The counters represent the allied and axis forces (infantry, artillery, tanks, marine, aviation, armoured trains), and also different markers (mined field, explosion, broken bridges, logistic centres, coastal bunkers).

The rules

   The rules in English are available on the site

   The rulebook includes 32 pages in 4 languages (Italian, English, German, French).
   The calendar begins the 10th of July and finishes the 16th of August. The first 2 turns represents one day and all the following 2 days.

   Each turns begins with a preliminary phase:
      - Each player roll one die in order to see who will be the first
      - Weather check
      - Anti aircraft artillery effects
   Then the combat phase is played:
      - Air raids combats
      - first player movements
      - combats
      - second player movements
      - combats

   The game rules includes the Artillery, the armoured trains (mobile artillery and transport), the weather, the bombings, the landings, the paratroopers and airborne units, the transportation by boat.

Errata and player aids

   Special thanks to Bathory who send to me:
      - Erratas & clarification (enhanced rules)
      - a table of terrains
      - some counters to be printed

An article in Casus Belli n°6

There is an article about this game in Casus Belli n°6 near a very negative description of Okinawa.

The article about Okinawa and Sicily 43 in Casus Belli 6 (french)

An article in Fire & Movement n°24

Some price (2004-2006):

N° EBAY Price EBAY Country Date Remarks
5934416623 $ 28 USA 20 nov 2004  
5907332177 $ 80 USA 21 nov 2004  
5935998852 EUR 35 France 28 Nov 2004  
5944685550 EUR 17,50 Italy 19 dec 2004  
5949170399 $ 56 USA 17 jan 2005 new - not sold
5953055471< EUR 33,53 Germany 27 jan 2005  
5165678336 EUR 24 Italy 21 fev 2005  
5194190289 EUR 51 France 10 mai 2005 unpunched
5195528840 EUR 51 Italy 19 may 2005  
5202104572 EUR 37,61 France 5 June 2005  
8701066018 EUR 51,50 France 9 oct 2005  
6006317194 EUR 9,50 Belgium 26 oct 2005  
8717508750 EUR 45 Italy 12 nov 2005  
8718858637 EUR 52 France 14 nov 2005  
8729926601 EUR 45,50 France 4 Dec 2005  
8740970888 EUR 49 Italie 31 dec 2005  
8753578479 EUR 30,50 France 28 jan 2006  
8754108020 EUR 37,50 France 29 jan 2006  
8794819124 EUR 36,50 France 16 apr 2006  
8795373170 EUR 21,50 Italy 19 apr 2006  
8811389785 EUR 30,50 France 21 may 2006  
8820060930 EUR 41 France 5 june2006  

SICILY '43 overview

reference: W109
Game for 2/3/4 players from 15 years on
Time of game: 4 hours
Time of each move on scale: 2 days
Level of difficulty: 5 (very hard)
Date: 1981

Remark: there is no "jeux et stratégie" fiche on this game. An oversight ?


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