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The game

   Kroll & Prumni was the first wargame published by International Team. The superb red illustration was attractive. And it was impossible to miss this unusually large box in the specialized shops. When open, the map and the counters were beautiful.

This is a simple and efficient game. It's a wargame but also a space exploration game: each player has to colonize small planets using unarmed transport spaceships. this game will be later Cpublished by Eurogames under the name Colonisator.

The illustration

   The illustration represents a Prumni fighter coming near a Kroll cruiser. As a remark, the counter representation is slightly different from the one on the illustration. It is not signed but the illustrator is probably Enea Riboldi because the graphic style is very similar to the puzzle science fiction delta (texts, colours, characters on the game counter sheets).

Opening of the box

   The box contains the map, the counters, 2 cardboard wheels, the rules and 1 die.

   The wheels are in fact not practical and are often damaged. These wheels are also used as calendar: on my game, this area was damaged due to repetitive use of lead pencils and rubbers.

   The first boxes were sold with a small green plastic tray.

The map

   The map represents a space sector, where we can see:
      - The base planets, from which the spacecrafts depart
      - impassable asteroids belts
      - small planets to be colonized

   The 3 colours are important. Each game turn is associated with one "active" colour. The planets and asteroids that are not from this colour are ignored during the turn (they disappear because these are moving objects and they are far away). If a spacecraft is on an asteroid or planet hexagone when it reappears, this spacecraft is destroyed.

The counters

24 fighters 8 cruisers 4 transports 2 mobile bases 12 colonial bases 26 explosions
It can launch 1 missile per turn It can launch 2 missiles per turn no weapon It can launch 1 missile on as many objectives as possible    

    Some counters are only moving straight forward. They are reoriented only in the end of each turn. During the next turn, they will start their movement from this position.

The rules

the English rules of Colonisator (Kroll & Prumni from Eurogames)
The transformation kit from Kroll&Prumni to Colonisator (French)

   The rulebook includes 14 pages in 4 languages (Italian, English, German, French).

   The goal of the game is to colonize the biggest number of small planets in 30 game turns. Each base on a planet gives 4 points. But 1 point is removed for each damage it received. The number of spaceship losts do not influence the victory.

   At the beginning of the game, the spaceships are on the base planet. The mobile space bases are in orbiter of the base planet.

   Le game concept is very simple:
   - entry in the game (only one of the 4 following choices)
      * 1 transport spaceship
      * 1 cruiser
      * 3 fighters (or less)
      * no counter
   - movements with combats using missile throw at any step of the movement

   It is also possible to move using hyperspace: The counter disappear during this turn and will appear in any empty hex during any of the following turns. But to do such jump, there are 2 conditions: first, no damage on the spaceship. Secondly, in front of the spaceship, a free line of hexagon up to the limit of the maximum movement factor. A way to prevent hyperspace jump is to fire a missile in an empty hexagon on the way to the jump. The explosion counter blocks the hyperspace jump.

   Each counter, spaceship or base, can support 4 successful missile fire. At the first shot, the counter can not enter in hyperspace anymore. At the 2nd, 3rd and 4th shot, it will lose one point of efficiency factor. He is destroyed at the 5th shot. The counters may be repaired on a mobile base (one shot repaired for each game turn on the base).

Some price (2004-2006):

N° EBAY Price EBAY Country Date Remarks
5925902372 EUR 40 France 17 Oct 2004 not sold
5934549555 EUR 39 Italy 20 Nov 2004  
5935069522 EUR 40 Italy 25 Nov 2004  
5950648399 $ 32 USA 24 Jan 2005 unpunched
5951493113 EUR 33,50 Germany 30 Jan 2005  
5953628695 EUR 32,50 Germany 6 Feb 2005 unpunched
5923620536 EUR 26,08 France 9 Feb 2005  
5967292207 AU $ 11 Australia 10 April 2005  
5196695686 £ 13,09 United Kingdom 22 may 2005  
5198273318 EUR 20,50 France 26 May 2005 some counters rebuild
5981855288< EUR 55 Italy 24 June 2005 not sold
5233785152 $ 86 Italy 2 sept 2005  
5243634717 EUR 61 France 26 sept 2005  
5293449818 EUR 23 France 2 oct 2005  
8708189638 EUR 42,50 Italy 22 oct 2005 unpunched
8729994370 $ 107,63 USA 8 dec 2005 pions non détachés
8732151607 $ 34,66 USA 12 dec 2005  
8760500487 EUR 61 Italy 9 Feb 2006  
8762349518 $ 32 USA 13 fev 2006  
8771223970 EUR 15,5 France 6 mar 2006  
6048708959 EUR 19 France 9 apr 2006  
8799035933 EUR 15 Italy 29 apr 2006  
8806050209< EUR 26,50 France 8 may 2006  

Kroll & Prumni overview

reference: W101
Game for adults from 15 years on
Number of players: 2
Time of game: from 2 to 4 hours
Difficulty: 2 (easy)
Date: 1979


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